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What Is Your Goal

Weigthloss & Toning

With weight or fat loss as your goal we will teach you how to implement a program that is focused on building lean muscle to raise your metabolic rate and burn more fat. Key nutritional concepts will also be taught so that you can create a lasting change and a more active, healthy and happy life. The vast majority of folks think that cardio is the key to weight loss. While cardio does play a role in weight loss the need for traditional strength training cannot be ignored if your goal is safe and long term results.
By working with a professional coach who will educate you in both exercise and nutrition you can end the cycle of constant dieting or always looking for the next best thing to get you to your goal. Our program works if you are consistent and adhere to the principles and guidance provided our team at CrossFit Fireside.

Strength & Muscle Gain

There are different motivations when it comes to pursuing strength and muscle gain. Whether your motivation is to improve work capacity, maintain quality of life, or even improve aesthetics, our program will help you achieve just that.Most people believe that is impossible to maintain or lose unwanted body fat while increasing both strength and muscle. Through our strength training and nutrition members have found success in achieving the best of both.

Athletic Performance

If your goal is improved athletic performance and becoming a more powerful and agile athlete you have come to the right place. Our expert coaches can help you forge a more powerful, competitive and durable presence on the field, on the track or in the arena. By teaching core to extremity concepts, developing strength, agility, endurance and explosive athletic power you are sure to gain a competitive advantage in individual and team sports that will translate to more wins and more personal records. From high school athletes to professional athletes, CrossFit Fireside is filled with success stories of accomplishment and pride that come with improved performance.

Health & Longevity

All signs point to healthy diet and regular exercise as being key factors in prevention of chronic disease and decrepitude. Whether you measure success through key biomarkers such as weight, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol or simply how you look and feel, exercise and nutrition matter.
Working with a professional coach you will craft a plan to achieve specific and measurable goals with a safe, effective program that busy people can actually accomplish. When the goal is to live a long, healthy, active and independent life that you enjoy with your family you will find the advice and help you need from our professional coaches and the support of a strong community to enhance the journey.

55 & Over Fitness

As you get older, your body adapts to whatever level of fitness you require of it. Physical abilities are what truly define your quality of life. Whether you are carrying groceries, gardening in your yard or simply playing with your children or grandchildren, your daily activities require certain basic maintenance. Our group classes offer appropriate levels of scaling for all age groups. Also our mobility and yoga classes are perfect for individuals with limited mobility and need help improving range of motion to maintain an active lifestyle.

For those 55 and over, special care and attention needs to be taken to craft programs that address specific needs that may emerge such as:

  • Avoiding knee, ankle and hip problems with lower impact routines.
  • Dealing with joint pain or limited range of motion
  • Increasing muscular strength as bone density potentially diminishes

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