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Lynn Forrester

Crossfit Coach & Fireside Kids Program Director

Lynn Forrester

Crossfit Coach & Fireside Kids Program Director


Being a born and raised Idaho native, my love for fitness and activity of all sorts started at a young age. Growing up we did a lot of outdoor activities that included camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, and biking. I loved running, jumping, and somersaulting everywhere I went so it’s no surprise to me that by age 5 my mom had me registered for my first gymnastics class. I fell in love with this sport and went on to compete until age 13 and trained until age 18. In Jr. high I dabbled in basketball, volleyball and track, but found myself at home on the cheerleading squad. I cheered through Jr. high and high school and used my gymnastics to reach levels in cheer that never would have been possible without it!

After high school I went on to college at Arizona State University and got my bachelors degree in Communication with an emphasis in Mass Communication.

About the time I moved to Arizona I started to have severe back pain. I battled this pain for 8 years. In and out of every kind of doctor’s office you can imagine with a few opinions but no answers. At age 24 I married the love of my life, Matt Forrester, and we started our life in Meridian, ID. Soon after, I landed a coaching position at Bronco Elite Gymnastics. I coached for two years and then we had our son, Marco, when I was 26. My back was at its worst and we decided enough was enough. I saw one of the top doctors here in Boise and was scheduled for a spinal fusion immediately. Somewhere in my gymnastics career (doctors believe around age 7 or 8) I broke my spine. At the time I was strong enough to not even notice, but as time went on and activity got less and less, the break began to show itself. Doctors fused my L4 and L5 and L6.

My surgery was life changing. For the first time in 8 years, I was pain free. After a year of recovery I got pregnant with our little girl, Angie. I decided, during my pregnancy, that I needed to make fitness a priority again. Both Matt and I wanted to find something that we enjoyed enough to make it a part of our everyday life. Anything, except CROSSFIT! Yes I was “anti-CrossFit!” It was the last thing I wanted to do!

Then Catie and Ben, moved to town. They offered free park workouts on Saturdays and Matt went to his first one 5 days after Angie was born. He came home and said he really liked it and he thought I would too. So, at six weeks postpartum, I joined him for my first CrossFit workout. I was hooked! I went from the park, to the garage twice a week, to a full time member at the gym!

CrossFit has truly changed me. I am in the best shape of my life after 2 babies and a spinal fusion! I have learned so much about nutrition and pushing myself both mentally and physically in every workout I do. My love for CrossFit Fireside grew so much that I knew I wanted to be more than just an athlete. I wanted to be a part of our athlete’s achievements and help them reach their fitness goals. Since receiving my Level 1 I have been so encourage in leading both adults and children towards discovering new heights in their fitness. I am so proud to not only be a coach at CrossFit Fireside, but also lead our Fireside Kids as the program director.


  • CrossFit Level 1