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CrossFit is a is a functional, measurable, scalable fitness program, designed to get any person, no matter their experience or level, into the best shape of their life. In this group CrossFit class, participants will be lead by expert coaches through several phases of fitness: a dynamic warm-up, mobility & skill drills, a strength elements, and the workout of the day “WOD”. All classes can be tailored to each individual’s fitness level and abilities.

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USAW Barbell Club

Are you wanting to improve explosive power and strength? Or maybe you simply want to grow in your olympic lifts (snatch & clean & jerk)? Maybe you have grown to love the olympic lifts are are wanting to step onto the competition platform. Whatever your goals are, our registered USAW Olympic Weightlifting club welcomes all ages, strength, and skill levels.

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Fireside Kids

Our Fireside Kids program, for ages 4-12, teaches proper form and mechanics in functional and athletic movements in classes that are different every day with a focus on FUN. Our program teaches children to love fitness by making fitness fun and accessible for all. Each child is instructed at his to her level, allowing each child to experience challenge and reward every class. Fireside Kids trains children to be generally physically prepared, encompassing all ten general physical skills (strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, stamina, speed, agility, power, cardiovascular endurance, and accuracy) and in doing so prepares them for the demands of life.


Do you want to not only move better and reach better ranges of motions in workouts, but improve overall quality of life? Join us for our bi-monthly mobility class with our mobility specialist as we learn how to properly identify our own areas of weakness (lack of stability) or tightness (lack of mobility) and how we can overcome them through various exercises, stretches, and drills. Members walk away every class learning something new, yet practical, to incorporate into their lives.


Mixing yoga into your CrossFit routine, or other athletic sport, is a perfect “ying” to your high intensity “yang”! Athletes can be prone to overuse injuries. This class will integrate movement, balance, stretching, relaxation and breath work, to help athletes excel, no matter what your sport.


Do you have a specific goal you are wanting to achieve that will require individual and specialized training? Or maybe you enjoy working out in a more intimate setting that is away from crowds. Our personal trainers work 1v1 with their clients and customize programs based specifically on their goals and fitness needs.

Sports Specific Training

Are you looking to take your sport to the next level? It is proven, that by developing an athlete’s overall fitness (strength, endurance, power, speed, agility, and flexibility), they are able to step into their sport season more prepared and equipped for their coaches to develop their sport specific skills. At CrossFit Fireside, our superior Sports Specific Training program uses weightlifting (powerlifting & olympic weightlifting) to develop strength and explosive power. We also use a variety of functional movements, performed at high intensities to develop total body conditioning. Not only do we equip each athlete with the highest quality of training, but they will receive coaching in nutrition of how to fuel their bodies for next level performance, from our Licensed Sports Nutritionists. This is a proven program that has been used to train local high school sports teams, collegiate athletes, and even professionals.

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New to CrossFit? No problem! Our three part Foundations Class series is required for all new members and is designed to literally lay the foundation of understanding for our core movements and lifts that we use in any given CrossFit class. We created Foundations to develop confidence in all new members, prevent injuries, as well as allow our scheduled classes to run more smoothly. If you are an experienced CrossFit Athlete, you will be given an option to test out of Foundations.


We understand that nutrition isn’t a cookie cutter, one-size-fits all formula.We get it. What works for some, might not work for others. That is because individually each person is composed differently. There are many variables that determine what one’s body needs to function and perform its best. Our team of Licensed Sports Nutritionists takes a detailed look at each individual client, their physical make up, workout regiment, and goals to customize a plan. We fight to bring simplicity, accountability, and clarity to how you choose to fuel your body for not only short term goals but also long term success.

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When we are active and pushing our physical limits it is important to keep up with routine care and maintenance of our joints and muscle groups. Aside from our mobility & yoga classes, we also have an in house massage therapist and chiropractor to care for all your recovery needs. Whether you are wanting to keep up with maintenance or experiencing a nagging injury, through bodywork you will not only be able to relieve any symptoms but also learn ways to prevent injury and stay healthy longer.   Our in house Chiropractor and Massage therapist are available by appointment for bodywork to care for your personal needs.

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