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April 2 2020

Warm Up: Line Drills 20 Reps Each of:

High Knees, Butt Kickers, Toe Touches, Knee Holds, Side Lunge, Pick the flowers, Samson lunge.


Floor Press or Tempo Push Ups (4 seconds down 1 sec up)

5 x 10 Reps

Bodyweight Conditioning:

Death by 10 meters or 32 feet

*set up two cones, 32 feet from each other.

Min 1: 1 Length down, Rest

Min 2: 2 Lengths (Down and back) Rest

Min 3: 3 lengths (D/B/D) Rest

*Keep going as long as you can make the required lengths in the time frame. (Watch out for minute 10)


8 Minutes of:

20 Sit Ups

50 Russian Twist 

:30 Plank